Wisconsin UCC Gospellers

Videos—2010 & 2012


Robert Robinson, described as “the Pavarotti of Gospel,” led a workshop in 2010 for the Westend Gospel Singers, Wisconsin GOSPELLERS, and singers from throughout the state. He returned in 2014 to lead The Best of the Midwest Gospel Workshop at the First Congregational Church of Appleton on Saturday, September 20. Robinson and his troupe, backed up by the Westend Gospel Singers, the Wisconsin GOSPELLERS, and Workshop participants, performed in concert that evening. This video is from his 2010 workshop.


In September 2010 the Wisconsin GOSPELLERS hosted the Westend Gospel Singers (from former East Germany), at First Congregational Church in Sheboygan.

The 30-voice West End Gospel Singers, directed by Pastor Hanns-Peter Giering, returned to Wisconsin in September 2014. The choir is an outreach ministry of the congregation in Eberswalde, a city of 50,000 located northeast of Berlin in former East Germany, near the Polish border. During a two-week tour, they performed in English gospel music throughout eastern Wisconsin.



The GOSPELLERS sing in Großmühlingen, Germany during their two-week tour of eastern Germany and western Poland in August 2012.