Wisconsin UCC Gospellers

Concert Promotional Materials

A packet of the materials on this page is being sent to all the performance venues. The material included is designed to assist you in promoting the concert at your church. To facilitate your effort, the packet includes 1) background information and 2) promotional materials. A Catalogue gives a list of materials sent to each congregation/concert venue.


The Concert Tour Information Sheet provides the background of this international/intercultural ministry and gives an overview of the 2014 Gospel Concert Tour.

The Concert Itinerary provides a synopsis of the choir’s tour.

A Word from Eberswalde is written by Pastor Hanns-Peter Giering, the director of the Westend Gospel Singers from Eberswalde, Germany. It reflects on the gospel choir movement in Germany and its meaning for the church there, including his congregation.


For Use in Congregations—Yours or Those in Your Area

Concert Poster and an explanatory Cover Sheet, with an invitation to request as many more posters as needed. We ask you to fill out your concert details on these posters, in black marker, using bold and clear lettering, with place, date, and time of your concert or worship service, and then post them in high traffic areas in your community. Also—if you have the capability—do not hesitate to print more posters using the Concert Poster pdf file above.

The makings of a Church Newsletter Article are provided. You will need to put the materials together, inserting pertinent information for your local area, if you wish.

A master copy of the Concert Bulletin Cover, intended for reproduction on a black and white copy machine. This is designed for use as the cover of the program for your concert or the bulletin of your worship service. As the time of the tour approaches, you will be sent lists of the songs to be sung and donors who have supported this effort financially.

A master copy of the Concert Bulletin Insert, front and back, for reproduction on a black and white copier, to promote the choir through your bulletin. You may add to this insert the information pertinent to your local performance or use the insert in conjunction with the bulletin announcement.

Concert Bulletin Announcements to be placed in your bulletin. You will need to complete the information pertinent to your local performance.

For Use in Your Local Community

The Concert Poster (see above).

Material is included for you to create Newspaper Article for your local newspaper. While all of the raw material is there, you will need to add the particulars of the performance in your locality.

For use in Public Service Announcements (PSAs), we have provided Concert Radio Spots for each performance. You will need to add pertinent information for your local performance. In keeping with industry requirements, these spots must be read in 20 seconds or less. You will want to make contact with radio stations in your area that would use them effectively.

Another source of advertising you might consider is your local arts calendar. The material in the bulletin announcements might well be used for this purpose. In the experience of professional choirs, they are an effective promotional tool.